Epic Eats for After Your Epic Ride: Top Restaurants Near Fatwave Surf Resort

Published on
May 16, 2024

La Union's waves aren't the only things epic – the food scene here is a revelation for hungry surfers and beach bums alike. After conquering those crashing waves or soaking up the sun on the pristine beaches, nothing beats savoring a delicious meal that tantalizes your taste buds.

This guide dives into the culinary delights surrounding Fatwave Surf Resort, highlighting some of the top restaurants guaranteed to satisfy your post-surf cravings. From authentic Ilocano specialties to international favorites and fresh seafood treats, La Union offers a diverse culinary landscape waiting to be explored.

A Stone's Throw Away: Convenient and Crave-Worthy Options

Location is key, especially when your stomach's rumbling after a day of adventure. Here are some fantastic restaurants within walking distance of Fatwave Surf Resort, ensuring a seamless transition from beach to table:

The Shack: This beachside haven offers a relaxed atmosphere with stunning ocean views. Indulge in fresh seafood dishes like grilled prawns, fish and chips, or their signature "sinigang na hipon" (shrimp in sour broth) – a delightful Ilocano specialty. The Shack also boasts a diverse menu with international favorites like burgers, pizzas, and pastas, catering to every palate.

Flotsam and Jetsam Cafe: This charming cafe is a haven for coffee lovers and healthy eaters. Start your day with a freshly brewed cup of joe and a delightful breakfast burrito. For lunch, choose from their selection of healthy salads, wraps, and sandwiches. Flotsam and Jetsam Cafe also offers vegetarian and vegan options, ensuring everyone finds something to satisfy their cravings.

Bad Surfer Burritos: Calling all burrito enthusiasts! This casual spot serves up delicious and generously sized burritos, perfect for satisfying a post-surf appetite. Choose from a variety of fillings like grilled chicken, steak, or vegetarian options, all wrapped in fresh tortillas and topped with your favorite salsas and sauces.

Venturing Out: A Culinary Adventure Beyond the Doorstep

For those seeking a culinary adventure beyond walking distance, La Union offers a plethora of fantastic restaurants waiting to be discovered. Here are a few recommendations for a short taxi ride away:

Aurelia's Kitchen: Embark on a culinary journey through Ilocano cuisine at Aurelia's Kitchen. Savor traditional dishes like "bagnet" (deep-fried pork belly), "poqui poqui" (eggplant salad), and "dinengdeng" (vegetable stir-fry). The restaurant's warm and inviting atmosphere makes it the perfect spot to experience the flavors and culture of La Union.

Beach Bum Kitchen & Bar: This lively beachfront restaurant offers a vibrant atmosphere and stunning ocean views. Enjoy fresh seafood dishes, grilled meats, and a wide selection of cocktails. Beach Bum Kitchen & Bar also hosts live music nights, making it a great spot to unwind and enjoy the evening after a day of exploring.

Pizza by the Beach: Craving a slice of Italy? Head to Pizza by the Beach for authentic wood-fired pizzas made with fresh ingredients. Choose from a variety of classic and signature pizzas, or create your own. This casual restaurant offers a relaxed atmosphere, perfect for a casual meal with friends or family.

A Culinary Adventure Awaits: Exploring La Union's Diverse Flavors

La Union's culinary scene extends far beyond the restaurants mentioned above. Here are some additional recommendations to consider as you explore the region:

Night Markets: Immerse yourself in the local culture by visiting one of La Union's vibrant night markets. Sample a variety of street food options, from grilled skewers and "kwek kwek" (deep-fried quail eggs) to fresh fruits and local delicacies.

Hidden Gems: Ask the friendly staff at Fatwave Surf Resort or locals for recommendations on hidden gem restaurants. These off-the-beaten-path spots often offer the most authentic and delicious local flavors.

Cooking Classes: For a truly immersive culinary experience, consider taking a cooking class. Learn how to prepare traditional Ilocano dishes and gain insights into the local cuisine.

The Perfect Ending to an Epic Day: Unwinding at Fatwave Surf Resort

After a day of catching waves, exploring La Union's culinary scene, or venturing out for adventures, Fatwave Surf Resort provides the perfect haven to unwind and savor the memories of your day.

Enjoy a Delicious Meal at the On-Site Restaurant: Whether you're craving a casual poolside lunch or a relaxed dinner, Fatwave's on-site restaurant caters to your needs. Savor a selection of Filipino and international dishes prepared with fresh, local ingredients. The restaurant boasts both indoor and outdoor seating, allowing you to choose the ambiance that suits your mood.

Socialize at the Bar: Fatwave's bar is a vibrant hangout spot where you can unwind with fellow travelers after a day of exploring. Enjoy a refreshing beer, a signature cocktail, or a glass of wine and share stories about your adventures. The bar often hosts live music nights, creating a lively atmosphere perfect for socializing.

Planning Your Epic Culinary Adventure in La Union

La Union offers a feast for the senses, from stunning beaches and breathtaking sunsets to delicious cuisine catering to all palates.  Whether you're a seasoned foodie or simply appreciate a good meal after a day of adventure, La Union has something to offer you.

Tips for Planning Your Culinary Adventure:

Research local specialties: Before your trip, do some research on Ilocano cuisine and other local specialties. This will give you an idea of what to try and what to expect.

Embrace the street food scene: La Union's vibrant night markets offer a fantastic opportunity to sample a variety of street food options. Be adventurous and try something new!

Don't be afraid to ask for recommendations: The friendly staff at Fatwave Surf Resort or locals can offer valuable insights into the best restaurants and hidden gems.

Let Fatwave Surf Resort Be Your Culinary Basecamp

Fatwave Surf Resort's convenient location, on-site dining options, and friendly staff make it the perfect basecamp for exploring La Union's diverse culinary scene.  Whether you're craving fresh seafood on the beach, a comforting Filipino dish, or a casual poolside lunch, Fatwave has you covered.

Start planning your unforgettable La Union escape today:

Visit our website (https://www.fatwavesurfresort.com/) to explore Fatwave Surf Resort's accommodations, amenities, and location.

Contact our friendly staff to discuss your travel plans and dietary preferences. They can help you create a customized itinerary that allows you to experience the best of La Union's culinary scene.

Book your stay directly on our website for the best rates and exclusive deals.

Come to La Union and embark on a culinary adventure.  Fatwave Surf Resort awaits to be your home away from home, offering the perfect launching point for exploring the region's vibrant food scene and creating lasting memories.