Seasonality of Stoke: Choosing the Perfect Time to Surf San Juan

Published on
May 16, 2024

San Juan, La Union – a haven for surfers worldwide – boasts consistent waves and a vibrant surf culture, making it a dream destination for catching rides and shredding barrels.  But with the ever-changing weather patterns, navigating the best times to surf in San Juan can be tricky.  This blog delves into the intricacies of San Juan's surf seasons, equipping you to plan your surfing adventure for optimal wave conditions.  We'll also explore the unique advantages of each season, ensuring you experience the magic of surfing in San Juan at its finest.

Understanding the Seasons in San Juan

San Juan experiences two distinct seasons: the Amihan Season (Northeast Monsoon) and the Habagat Season (Southwest Monsoon).  These seasons not only influence wind patterns and rainfall but also determine the size, power, and consistency of waves.

Amihan Season (November – April):

Characterized by cool, dry weather and strong northeast trade winds (Amihan winds).

Offers the prime surfing season with consistent swells and powerful waves, ideal for experienced surfers.

Habagat Season (May – October):

Defined by warm, humid weather and southwest monsoon winds (Habagat winds).

Generally brings smaller waves and less consistent swells, better suited for beginner and intermediate surfers.

Surfing Paradise: The Allure of the Amihan Season (November – April)

The Amihan Season reigns supreme for experienced surfers seeking powerful waves and consistent swells. Here's what makes this period the surfing crown jewel of San Juan:

Consistent Swells: The northeast trade winds consistently generate significant swells, creating a surfer's paradise with waves averaging 2-3 meters and occasionally reaching epic heights.

Powerful Conditions:  The strong Amihan winds create powerful and fast-breaking waves, perfect for carving turns, executing maneuvers, and experiencing the thrill of big wave riding.

Optimal Conditions for Advanced Surfers:  The large size and power of the waves during the Amihan Season make it ideal for experienced surfers with honed skills and confidence.

Dry and Pleasant Weather:  Cool breezes and minimal rainfall create ideal surfing conditions, allowing you to spend extended periods in the water without discomfort.

Beyond the Barrel: Embracing the Habagat Season (May – October)

While the Amihan Season caters to experienced surfers, the Habagat Season offers unique advantages for beginners and intermediate surfers:

Smaller Waves:  The southwest monsoon winds generate smaller waves, perfect for honing basic techniques, building confidence, and learning to maneuver on the board.

Ideal for Learning:  The gentler waves of the Habagat Season create a safer and more forgiving learning environment for beginner surfers.

Consistent Swells: While smaller than the Amihan Season, the Habagat Season still offers consistent swells, allowing for frequent surf sessions and steady progress.

Warm Weather:  The warm temperatures of the Habagat Season are ideal for those who prefer surfing in boardshorts or rashguards.

Shoulder Season Benefits: The shoulder months (May & October) can offer a sweet spot with slightly larger waves suitable for intermediate surfers, while still maintaining pleasant weather conditions.

Fat Wave Surf Resort: Your Gateway to Epic Surfing Adventures

Regardless of the season, Fat Wave Surf Resort is your perfect partner in experiencing the magic of surfing in San Juan.  Here's how we elevate your surfing journey:

Prime Location:  Nestled on a pristine beach break, Fat Wave offers direct access to some of San Juan's best waves, ideal for all skill levels.‍

Unforgettable Surf Experiences:  From beachfront relaxation to post-surf socials, Fat Wave creates a welcoming atmosphere and fosters a vibrant surf community.

Planning Your Perfect San Juan Surf Adventure

Now that you understand the unique offerings of each season, here are some tips for planning your San Juan surf adventure:

Consider Your Skill Level:  Match your surfing experience to the season's wave conditions for the best possible learning or riding experience.

Research Specific Surf Spots: San Juan boasts various surf spots with varying wave characteristics. Research spots that cater to your skill level and desired wave size based on the season.

Pack Accordingly:  Sun protection, swimwear, a rashguard/wetsuit (depending on the season), and a quick-drying towel are essential.

Embrace the Local Culture:  Immerse yourself in the vibrant surf culture of San Juan.  Interact with local surfers, sample delicious Filipino cuisine, and explore the surrounding area.

Book Your Stay at Fat Wave Surf Resort: For an unforgettable surfing experience, book your accommodation at Fat Wave Surf Resort.  We offer comfortable rooms, beachfront access, and all the amenities you need to make your surfing adventure a success.  Visit our website at to learn more about our packages and offerings.

‍Beyond the Seasons: Surfing Year-Round at San Juan

While the Amihan and Habagat Seasons offer distinct advantages, San Juan's beauty lies in its year-round surfability.  Even during the shoulder months or occasional off-season days, there are still waves to be caught.

For experienced surfers seeking consistent swells, venturing out on typhoon swells (outside the regular seasons) can be an exhilarating option.  Remember to prioritize safety and surf with experienced companions during such conditions.

Surfing More Than Just Waves: A Way of Life

Surfing in San Juan is more than just riding waves; it's a journey of self-discovery, connecting with nature, and embracing a vibrant community.  By understanding the seasons and planning your trip accordingly, you can maximize your surfing experience and create lasting memories in this surfer's paradise.

Fat Wave Surf Resort: Your Partner in Creating Epic Surf Stories

At Fat Wave Surf Resort, we are passionate about sharing the magic of surfing with people of all skill levels.  We offer the perfect environment to learn, progress, or conquer challenging waves, all while enjoying the laid-back charm of San Juan.

So, pack your bags, grab your board, and get ready to experience the thrill of surfing in San Juan.  With Fat Wave Surf Resort as your partner, your surfing adventure awaits!

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