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Accomodation: Reasonable price. We rented out a room good for 4 pax. It is airconditioned. The bathroom has a tight shower area, with water heater. I appreciate that bath essentials, including towels, are available. WiFi very slow from our room, probably due to the high volume of people. Once you're in the resto, signal is good. Service: Staff was very courteous and hospitable. We arrived way too early for our check in time at 3pm. They allowed us to leave our bags on the shelves found at the lobby area. They also have complimentary drinks (iced tea or mojito) upon check-in. Food and drinks: AMAZING! I like that they have a restaurant, a cafe, and a tiki bar that opens at night! They also have free breakfast if you check-in. They will ask you to choose from a variety of silogs plus a coffee of choice. Location: Beach front. Amazing sunset. You can easily walk from the resort to other famous eats in La Union such as: Tagpuan, El Union, Coffee Library, Flotsam and more. If you're coming to La Union to experience food and drinks, Fat Wave is a good place to stay.

Adrienne Santiago

Former VP of ads at Company